Rachael Ray Nude Painting by Alex Gardega on eBay


"Birth of Rachael Ray," Alex Gardega.

Up for auction on eBay is the "nude classical portrait" painting entitled "Birth of Rachael Ray" by the New York City-based artist Alex Gardega who says, "There is no Irony here, No snarky modernism." Bidding ends December 25, 2009. Or you can own the painting with the buy-it-now price of $5,000. According to the auction page, some proceeds go to "save this chicken (edwina the hen)" that Gardega claims to have adopted.

The description on eBay:

A beautiful and calm setting in which the media icon floats on the river Evoo and is bathed and anointed buy the classical Putti of wisdom and beauty. There is no Irony here, No snarky modernism. All my art is done with honesty and there is a reason behind every piece (even If I am not sure of the reason.) Media is the new Renaissance, few people care about painting but it is older than the trees and in truth can never die. I seek change through the classical and find media a useful crutch on which to help me limp across the stage of modern life and art. What is kitsch and and what is fine art? Is skill a sin? Technique a bad thing? This I explore in my "Pop Pieces."


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—Raphael Brion

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  1. saber

    I'm confused! She was born full grown and naked in a pie tin? Is that what the artist is trying to say? I thought Ray-Ray didn't bake!

  2. I wonder if it would go for more if it actually resembled her even a little bit.

  3. Sweet Jesus. I'm guessing the cherubs are pouring EVOO into the stoup lagoon? Yum-o.

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