Sushi-Making Machines Make the Perfect Gift


Is there someone on your holiday gift list who's notoriously hard to shop for? Perhaps s/he might enjoy these Japanese sushi-making machines, which are from the future! Created by the Tokyo-based corporation AUTEC, the machines are marketed towards high-volume outlets such as college cafeterias, but for a mere $10,000 to $20,000, how can you deny the gadget-minded foodie in your life the opportunity to stick his or her nose in the air and ask, "What, you're still rolling sushi by hand?"

Although ingredients must be loaded into the machines by hand, they still speed up the process considerably: the machines are capable of making 3,300 rice balls per hour (Nigiri Maker) or 700 rice mats per hour (Maki Maker). The machines were inspired by a product design contest held for Hello Kitty in the early 80s, which resulted in a pink nigiri maker (sadly it was just a prototype). No lie. Videos of the machines in action are below.

Video: Autec Nigiri Maker ASM410A

Video: Autec Nigiri Maker ASM600A

Video: Autec Maki Maker ASM860A

Video: Maki Cutter ASM230A

—Paula Forbes

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  1. Dan

    Wouldn't it be cheaper to just hire a personal sushi chef? Plus I don't see an automatic fugu cutting machine.

  2. Ellen

    These machines don't have a sense of smell. They don't check for parasites. Nope. Gonna stick with human-made sushi, thank you very much.

  3. Lynn

    I think these machines are very cool! Not quite worth $20,000 but maybe in a few years the price will drop. For now, I'll stick with the old fashioned sushi making kit I put on my wish list thank you very much!

  4. That machine in the first video looks like it's pooping. Ha.

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