The Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree [wtf-xmas]


Left: Mr. Charles Phoenix. Right: The Astro-Chicken-Nugget Tree

The Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree is the ultimate hors d'oeuvres centerpiece for the holidays: Sort of a modern-day croquembouche, except that it usually involves cocktail wieners, crudites, and blocks of cheese on toothpicks. It even has an entire blog devoted to it, The Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree DIY Club. The blog unfortunately hasn't been updated since November of 2007, but it shows the infinite possiblities, including geodesic domes, sashimi, and dessert variations. Here's a video of retro-king Mr. Charles Phoenix, who apparently resurrected it from the ashes of the 1960s, explaining how to make it:

Video: Charles Phoenix's Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree

—Raphael Brion

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