Waffle House to Host a Book Tour


Photograph by Eli Hodapp

Waffle House, the Southern chain of greasy (that's gree-zee to you Northerners) diners, is going to host a book tour! Sam McLeod's food memoir, Big Appetite: My Southern-Fried Search for the Meaning of Life, will be promoted in the chain's 1,600 locations, and in addition, Waffle House will be hosting signings, as McLeod has a "down-home style that resonates" with their customer base. What's next, Whataburgers as galleries? In-N-Out Burgers as indie rock venues? That last one doesn't sound like that big of a stretch, actually.

—Paula Forbes

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  1. Kerry

    Well, considering how many bloggers can score a book deal, why not a tried-and-true Southern institution like a WaHo? Obviously, you've never tried their pecan waffles or my son's fave, everything smothered in cheese platters... LOL

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