We're taking an extra few days weeks to recover from the holidays. Don't worry, we're not dead. We'll be back with you sometime next week in February March.

In the meantime, we are humbled and honored to have been included in Fimoculous' list of 30 Best Blogs of 2009. Resounding "woo" all around. So there are 29 other blogs over there you probably should be reading.



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  1. Moira

    Thank you for letting us know. I was a little worried.

  2. Karen T-S

    Congratulations on the plaudit! And thanks for the update -- I was getting worried, seeing the same seafood pic each day.

  3. Emily

    Any idea when you might be back?

  4. Well the "Hiatus" soon will be a month long holiday recovery ... Maybe the name should be changed to "Eat Me - sometime in the future"

  5. Jay

    Hiatus? They loved us!

    Come back soon?

  6. Tawnie

    What happened? I really miss EMD

  7. EMD, please come back! I miss you so. You're my #1 distraction from work.

  8. Come baaaaackkkk....we miss you...

  9. I've had to do actual proper work for about a month now - wtf??

  10. christine k

    must have been some bender, eh?

  11. Dan

    Ave you been abducted by aliens or what?

  12. trifarina

    my heart is full of sad without you. sniff.

  13. Tawnie

    It has now been over a month. where are you guys?

  14. soulfoodie

    Still checking regularly (okay, daily...I miss you!). Thanks for the update added about coming back this month. I'm waaaaiting!

  15. Chef Pete



  16. Moira

    Was it something I said? Something I didn't say? Something I should say?

    If I promise to be very good, will you come back? I really, really miss you.

  17. Ellen

    So, it's been a while. I have you bookmarked on my browser's toolbar and I'm wondering about using the real estate for something active.

  18. Emily

    I hope everything is alright. Please come back soon!

  19. Cheforita

    Ummm, will you ever come back???? I miss thee dearly!

  20. All my gelato has melted...while I wait...and wait...and wait.....:(:(:[:{
    SYS~Dave / Gelato-ologist for O-Gelato.com

  21. Jay

    First FXCuisine, then Gourmet, then Eat Me Daily....

    At least I still have Gastronomica.

  22. bc

    Worst. Hiatus. Ever.

    The fact that I don't have the willpower to not click once a day doesn't reflect well on me, but your multiple delays are made more maddening by the fact that someone had to click on the site long enough to change that one word.

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