A Step Towards Raw Milk Sales in Wisconsin


Photograph: Wisconsin Historical Images

They don't call it the Dairy State for nothing: a State Assembly committee in Wisconsin approved a bill that would legalize the sale of raw (that is, unpasteurized) milk. While the bill still has to be approved by the entire Assembly, there's high pressure from the dairy lobby as well as consumer choice advocacy groups. The danger in selling raw milk is that it can easily become contaminated with bacteria, and Federal law prohibits its sale in the US, although there are certain routes for individual states to bypass regulations. Proponents of the bill argue that banning raw milk is akin to banning sushi: "It's about allowing adults to make decisions," says Assemblyman Chris Danou, the bill's sponsor. Raw milk is supposed to taste better and contain more nutrients than pasteurized milk, making it every lactose-loving foodie's wet dream.

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—Paula Forbes

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  1. Moira

    Being the lactose-loving foodie that I am, this sounds like the perfect combination of delicious and dangerous. Adults-only milk - who would have thought?

  2. It's about time! While growing up in Vermont, my family bought raw milk from a local family that had a little hobby farm. It was the best! Now, living in Wisconsin, I would love to have that choice once again.

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