Biodegradable Heat-Activated Coffee Cup


If you enjoy getting your mind blown with your morning cup of coffee, then check out this new product proposal called the Heatswell from designer Scott Amron. He's created a thin paper collar that expands when it comes in contact with heat and is non-toxic and biodegradable. The material appears to expand about two or so inches, and in different, random shapes. The idea is to cut down on the ubiquitous cardboard coffee sleeve, and the changing size of the cup allows it to be stacked prior to use, reducing environmental impact from shipping. If it were actually used at coffee shops, this would never cease to entertain me.

[via Core77]

Rachael Oehring

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  1. Problem is this reaction sucks heat from the liquid it is trying to insulate defeating the purpose.

    Any reaction depending on heat to create motion or reaction must be pulling heat from the substance.

  2. Wow, as a coffee shop owner, this rules, I want them!

  3. the turk

    kinda makes my stomach turn... not sure if I'd want to drink my coffee after watching that reaction.
    Also could appeal to those whom do not like their beverage to be so hot.

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