Chocolate and Ice: The Photography of Sarah Torr


Photograph: Sarah Torr, "What Lies Beneath the Ice"

Sarah Torr, a student at Loughborough University in Leicestershire, UK, has created a series of photographs depicting the effect of chocolate on ice. The photographs will be shown at Chewable Studios, also in Leicestershire. The images are enigmatic; one cannot immediately tell what is being photographed, or how the effect was created. We spoke with her about the series.

Eat Me Daily: These photos were part of a university project. What led you to exploring food as an art medium?
In my opinion art always works best when it's a subject or topic personal to the artist, so I started to explore my hobbies and interests. From an early age cooking and baking has been an enjoyable part of my life, and I wanted to see if I could combine them into my art. I looked at the way we present food, especially gourmet food, and asked, "Could food be used as a medium?" Other artists, such as Janine Antonio, use chocolate as a medium, and that enhanced my enthusiasm for this project.

EMD: How were the images created?
Reading cookery books from Heston Blumenthal to Jamie Oliver, ice appeared as an element which I could use in my project. I began by experimenting with different methods of freezing water. The ice formed unusual patterns, which I wanted to explore and develop further. Mixing hot and cold substances came as a surprise and chocolate and ice became my favorite combination. Each piece is unique and needs to be captured quickly with photographs before they melt. Using lighting & reflective surfaces gave a mirror image.

EMD:Is this project finished? Are there more unusual food combinations to explore through photography?
I am now expanding the project with the use of dyes and text being incorporated into the ice sculptures. I may explore the use of film and music as it seems an essential part in art these days.


Photograph: Sarah Torr, "Supernova"


Photograph: Sarah Torr, "Untitled"

—Paula Forbes

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