Döner Kebab Meat-Cutting Robot [video]


If you've spent any time in Germany (or much of central Europe), you're familiar with the ubiquitous Turkish döner kebab stand, with its signature column of meat eternally spinning in front of a vertical grill. This past weekend, at Berlin's first ever conference celebrating the street snack, Ahmet Kalyoncu unveiled his döner kebab slicing robot, a machine that will supposedly revolutionize the döner kebab market. The purpose of the machine is to allow döner stand employees to stand farther from the grill, thus getting less sweaty and improving the customer's experience. Additionally, Kalyoncu says the robot can cut meat at greater speeds "without ever getting bored." And late-night revelers across Germany rejoiced. Video below.

[via Cold Mud]

—Paula Forbes

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  1. Jonathan B. Horen

    Such a contraption might well be "the rage" in Germany, but it would never make it in Tel-Aviv, where we like our shwarma hand-carved (and all the salad you can eat!)

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