Esquire's 2010 'Eat Like a Man Issue,' ADHD Edition

tinafeyIn Esquire's April issue (subscribe), sandwiched between a March Madness bracket of hot women and pictures of Amanda Seyfried in a lace body stocking, is their annual "Eat Like A Man" section. The largely print-only 10-page boob-diversion is filled with manly fawning over steak and bacon, and judicious use of the word piss. The only thing that will make you more of a man is eating cigarette butts.


  • Not included in the "Eat Like A Man" section is a little front-of-book piece titled "Things To Do With Beer." Nothing is manlier than drinking Guinness mixed with Veuve Clicquot. Also included is Esquire's "Best Bars in America" pick of the month (The Good Knight in Austin, Texas).
  • The "Eat Like A Man" section kicks off with one of those overly wistful "What I've Learned"-type lists, this time of Tom Chiarella's rules for eating. Sample rule: "Don't keep lists of what you don't like. Keep lists of what you haven't liked yet." What?
  • "Where Cowboys Eat" is Chris Jones' review/fondling of a Montana steakhouse that serves manly slabs of meat, usually rare. There's a salad bar in the corner for all you ladies.
  • The sidebar, "Where Men Eat," is a list of super manly restaurants across the country. In a surprise twist, all of them serve delicious meat.
  • "Those Parts" is an essay by Tom Junod about offal, mostly of the kidney variety. His lush descriptions of his father's unceremonious preparation of the inside parts for Sunday brunch, plus the included recipe, almost made me want try kidneys. Then he compared the taste to piss.
  • Tim Chiarella's piece on David Burke is an interesting take on a chef who does whatever the hell he wants (super manly), but the sidebar on "How to Cook Like David Burke" really ruins it. Apparently, all a man needs in the kitchen is courage. And maybe a picture of Steve McQueen.
  • David Katz's sidebar on "The Standwich," a sandwich eaten while standing at the kitchen counter, makes zero sense. Dear men: You do not need a wife in order to sit down to eat food.
  • Also, check out their Recipes for Men database. No girls allowed!

Rachael Oehring

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  1. I'm so thankful I'm gay.

  2. Moira

    Are there really men who eat like this? Or is this just fantasy food-porn? All the guys I know talk a lot about meat and alcohol, but then they drink a couple of light beers with thier turkey-burger and call it a day.

  3. Romie

    I'm equally concerned by the portmanteaus recently coined by major news outlets: "hegan," by the Boston Globe, for a man who is a vegan, and "femivore," by the New York Times Magazine, for an upper-class woman who grows her own food. Because obviously men are from mars and women are from venus and the other side's food has deadly cooties unless you make up a special word for it and put up the "keep out" sign you allude to (to prevent cross-contamination by the cooties, obviously).

  4. Declan

    Is it just me or does Tina Fey look like Sigourney Weaver's Zuul-possesed Dana Barrett character in Ghostbusters?

  5. Ash

    But is there something wrong with eating a sandwich standing over the counter you just used to prepare it? Why must we sit down? Your arbitrary "where is it correct to eat while you are alone and nobody cares" rules annoy me.

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