Food Packaging Monster Attacks French Supermarket [video]


How much food packaging is too much? Two French commercials duke it out over this question with pretty goofy results. In the first video, a commercial for European Waste Reduction Week (site in French) aims to persuade consumers to make conscious packaging decisions at the supermarket and features a man being stalked by a giant monster made out of packaging waste. The second commercial, from Elipso Packaging, basically responds by saying: "Dirty hippies." Videos below. (They're in French, but you'll be all right.)

Trash Monster Commercial

Elipso Packaging Retaliation

[via Core77]

—Paula Forbes

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  1. I found both videos wildly entertaining, but i'm not sure they're helping anyone to take the packaging issue more seriously than they were before watching.

    I was okay with all the ham fondling going on, but that smoochy lean in at the end was really unnecessary.

    ps: I found the food packaging monster somewhat endearing. Is that wrong?

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