Food52 vs. Cook's Illustrated: Call to Arms

kimball-internetsRemember last October when Cook's Illustrated's Chris Kimball got his knickers in a twist about crowd-sourcing recipes and challenged recipe website Food52 to a duel? The contest is taking place next week, and as part of EMD's pledge of support to Food52, we're calling on our readers to help 'em out. Submit your best Roasted Pork Shoulder and Chewy Sugar Cookie recipes by midnight on Friday. Entries will be published on Slate sometime in May and opened up to a public vote. Let's show Kimball how the future works, shall we?

—Paula Forbes

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  1. Moira

    While I like the diversity and creativity of Food 52, I have been disappointed in almost every one of their recipes that I have tried, and that is especially true of the more complicated recipes. The recipes themselves aren't bad, but they have a lot of bugs that we, the readers, have to work out to make them successfully. Which leads to a lot of wasted time and ingredients.

    With Cook's Illustrated, on the other hand, every time I follow the recipe exactly as it is written, it turns out exactly as they say it will.

    Food 52 is lots of fun, since we readers act as the test kitchen, but when it comes time to eat, I want a recipe that I can count on.

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