Fruit Kicking Cancer's Butt


Photograph by Jill Clardy

Scientists in Italy have developed a strain of tomato said to have enhanced cancer fighting properties. Combining the anti-inflammatory properties of the San Marzano tomato and the high antioxidant levels of the Black tomato, researchers hope the new strain will not only prevent cancer, but also Parkinson's disease and cardiovascular issues. It is currently being marketed at Italian pizzaioli. Cancer-fighting pizza? Sounds good to us.

Meanwhile, scientists at the University of Florida have been putting papaya to work. Inspired by folk medicine traditions in Australia and Asia, they injected an extract made from dried papaya leaves into cancerous cells. The "papaya leaf tea" boosted immune systems without harming healthy cells, which is a common side effect of traditional treatments.

That's what fruit's been up to. What have you done lately to fight cancer, huh?

[both via Coldmud]

—Paula Forbes

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  1. Moira

    All that without genetic engineering. Way to go!

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