Linksplodge 3/18/10


  • Ever wondered how bitter Karl Lagerfeld is? Well now you can find out. The fashion heavyweight teabags pictured above, which include Sir Lagerfeld, Donatella Versace and Naomi Campbell, perch on the edge of your cup and judge you for putting too much sugar in your drink. [via Refinery 29]
  • Fresh Code is a smart barcode that disappears as time passes so you know how old your produce is. [via ubergizmo]
  • "Switched" lists the 8 essential kitchen gadgets. Please tell me how the Slap Chop is not on that list.
  • Apparently cloves are the new super food, and scientists hope that they can use them to replace synthetic antioxidants used to slow food decay. [via Cold Mud]
  • Take a moment to look at this list of food and drink logo designs and be jealous that you don't have your own food company so you can have a cute logo.
  • Someone graffiti'd insults about Gordon Ramsay right near his house. Ramsay is most offended by the fact that the worst thing the vandalizer could come up with was calling him a douche.
  • "Hyperbole and a Half" scientifically breaks down the cake vs. pie debate and pie comes out on top. If you listen carefully, you can hear team cake crying the hot, salty tears of acquiescence.
  • Rachael Oehring

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