Linksplodge 3/22/10


  • Think Tofu's boring? The packaging above is designed to finally give tofu a chance to tell you what its all about.
  • Late Detroit hip-hop artist J Dilla is tickling your sweet tooth from beyond the grave with his new album “Donut Shop,” adorned with the eponymous sugary treats.
  • Don’t hurt yourself doing a double take, but according to Khymos, it’s actually perfectly alright to add salt to your coffee. It takes the bitter edge off of espresso and even tonic water.
  • The Tea Partiers want you to pop a piece of charred toast in the mail and send it off to your representative in DC. It says they should get the message, which is....get a new toaster? [via Wonkette]
  • Hot dogs, something we consider as American as apple pie, have many ridiculous variations all over the world. We'd love to have the Cachorro Quente for lunch today, but not all of us have as many frequent flier miles as Anthony Bourdain.
  • —Ann Marie Awad


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