Linksplodge 3/30/10


  • What do you get when you mix meat with vanity? No, not The Situation (close, though). You get Grill Charms! "Shut Up, Foodie," our new favorite blog, brings us these little metal gems (pictured above) that you can stick into your steak for identification of doneness/useless decoration.
  • Apparently a Wendy's in Waltham, MA makes the best chicken nuggets ever. That, or we have a Three Wolf Moon 2.0 situation on our hands. [via The Cod]
  • ZOMG. Butterbeer is real, y'all! MTV's Movie Blog samples the wares at the new Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios.
  • In yet another dumb criminal story, a Long Island couple is charged with stealing Jell-O pudding mix and replacing it with sand before returning the boxes to get a refund. Has Supermarket Sweep taught us nothing?? Take the big-ticket items first, like medicine and hams!
  • Wanna cook some bacon but all you have is a machine gun? The Internet has you covered. [via Eater]

Rachael Oehring


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