Linksplodge 3/9/10


Photograph: Lauren Dukoff

  • Above: Lady Gaga plays chef in the video for "Telephone," which will be released on Thursday.
  • An interview with New York Times perfume critic Chandler Burr on his "Scent Dinner" collaboration with chef Lawrence Klang. [via @compcook]
  • Francis Lam on Biggie Smalls, who died 13 years ago today: "He rapped about the life of a street hustler-turned-playboy, about blunts and broads and sex in expensive cars, but along the way he taught me who I would be as a writer on food."
  • thinks Anthony Bourdain is maybe a little bit of a hypocrite.
  • New York state assemblyman proposes legislation to ban use of salt in restaurants. Is that even possible? [via @foodwriterdiary]
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