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Tool Academy Grocery Store Shenanigans [video]

In this clip from last night's episode of "Tool Academy," the tool-testants are sent to a grocery store to shop for a meal they're supposed to prepare for their partners — and end up completely trashing the store and shotgunning beers.
The only thing worse than their grocery-store manners are their cooking skills, as evidenced [...]

Lunchtime Linksplodge 3/15/10

Above, a lobster-shaped book from artist Robert The.
Jamie Oliver is trying to scare Australia into eating healthier on his dirty-word tour through the country. [via Cold Mud]
Sneaky Chef author Missy Chase Lapine is suing another Seinfeld, but this time it's Jerry; she's accusing him of slander due to an appearance on Letterman in which he [...]

Oxford American 2010 Southern Food Issue, ADHD Edition

Oxford American's Southern Food 2010 issue, guest edited by John T. Edge, is filled cover to cover with articles, essays and fiction detailing the many facets of Southern food. Mostly beautiful memories of dishes cooked lovingly by family and friends, the entire issue drives home the point that Southern food, perhaps more than any other [...]

Linksplodge 3/12/10

To the right, a bacon-caramel filled chocolate Easter egg from Vosges.
A compendium of awesome. First, a Muppet version of "Wicker Man," then suggestions for how to make supremely creepy candy. Apparently, baby-shaped cake pans are not in short supply.
In fake Onion news that we all wish was real, Stan Van Gundy, Orlando Magic coach, has [...]

2010 Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling Canceled

Photograph by Matt Cardy / Getty Images
This is ridiculous. The UK's annual Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling—in which a wheel of cheese is hurled down a large hill and a bunch of yahoos chase after it, inevitably hurting themselves in the process—has been canceled due to safety concerns. Not for the participants, who are somewhat delightfully deranged [...]

Japanese Waiter Robot

People, pay attention: this is a video of a Japanese robot that is capable of serving you food and beverages. It's balancing what we're fairly certain is a steak and some vegetables on its robot head while it goes through obstacles. Made by Toshiba and called the "Wheelie," this little guy is designed to help [...]

'Old King Cole' Murals by Guido d'Aquili

According to the old 17th-century English nursery rhyme "Old King Cole was a merry old soul," which is perhaps why he often depicted feasting in a court of jovial revelers. A 30-foot paneled mural of such a scene by Maxfield Parrish is one of the trademarks of the bar in the famous St. Regis Hotel [...]

Lady Gaga's Telephone Video: Let's Make a Sandwich

As promised, Lady Gaga's new video is full of culinary surprises: Wonder Bread, Miracle Whip, and murder. Gaga, imprisoned in the most fashionable jail we've ever seen, is sprung by Beyonce only to make haste to a diner where they poison Tyrese and all the diner's patrons. Gaga's "Cook'n'Kill" recipe calls for rat poison, meta-cyanide, [...]

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