Scientists Discover Sixth Taste: Fat


Photograph by Plate of Wander

Australian scientists have recently discovered that humans can actually taste fat, and those who are more sensitive to its flavor tend to eat less of it, and have lower BMIs. This is different from the texture of fat in foods such as ice cream, which is associated with a richer mouth-feel. According to the scientists, all humans can taste fat in varying degrees, but some are more sensitive to it than others, just as with sweetness and saltiness. The scientists are trying to account for these sensitivities in fat flavor detection, which could lead to new ways to treat obesity.

Is this really news though? We all know what fat tastes like, and it tastes like butter, which is delicious to everyone.

Rachael Oehring

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  1. Paula King

    I have some Plugra butter I'm going to try tonight...will see what good fat tastes like... :d

  2. Moira

    It sounds like fat is about to ascend into the gourmet stratosphere now occupied by wine, coffee, and chocolate. Can a magazine all about butter be far behind?

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