Stella Artois: Beer, Women? Same Dif. [video]


If love is like a bottle of gin, evidently a tall cold one bears a striking resemblance to a leggy brunette. In this commercial for Stella Artois, all the washing, grooming and primping a woman goes through preparing for a date evokes the image of a voluptuous Stella Artois glass being filled to the brim. Even the swift fitting into a pair of tasteful heels calls to mind the delicate seating of a glass on a classy coaster. Presumably the parallels follow through: both women and beer have frothy, air-filled heads, right? Video below.

[via Cold Mud]

—Ann Marie Awad

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  1. You just don't like beer enough.

    While the comparison is superficial, automatically becoming shallow in these times when that word is used as an insult, from my own perspective it is a compliment.

    You must first come from the angle of the connoisseur. We are not talking about eyes and lips that tear through women like so many keystone lights around a tailgating trough, we are talking about someone who so loves what he sups that there can be only one.

    This man would swim across the ocean for his love in the blue dress. As he pulls himself from the surf, with sand in his teeth, salt on his tongue, but her visage in his gaze, what is the only thing that could make this reunion sweeter? Why if she were holding an artfully crafted glass of delicately poured stella artois of course!

    • Paula Forbes

      We here at Eat Me Daily have a policy of loving beer. That's not the issue. The issue is when we compare people to things that can 1. be purchased and 2. consumed.

    • first of all, if you think that stella artois is some kind of beer for conoisseurs, YOU actually don't like beer enough.

      second of all, lolwut?

  2. What about a lovely piece of fruit? Is that fair game for metaphor?

    what belgian style light lagers do you prefer michelle? i will try it and only compare its wonder to non-living things.

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