Trailer for Le Grand Chef: Kimchi War [video]


Here's the trailer for Le Grand Chef: Kimchi War, currently playing in theaters. The prequel to the 2007 film Le Grand Chef, Kimchi War follows two chefs competing in a culinary contest created to popularize kimchi outside of Korea, and was based on a graphic novel. Although the trailer speaks the universal language of food porn, EMD reader bluexmas was kind enough to provide an English translation. Video and captions below.

0:07: Based on bestseller cartoon book by Youngman Huh. Movie that attracted 3 million in 2007.
0:28: Delicious movie for everyone.
0:30: Movie Sik-gaek (epicure) has come back!
0:33: (Man talking) Let's have some fun! (or let's get it going!)
0:39: Best ingredients have their own stories.
0:41: All the food in the world has its own taste! 3rd Sungchan (main male character's name) Jingoo
0:43: (Man talking) And I am the cook who makes the world better!
0:48 (Woman taking) Who knows that the chef who cooks for the Prime Minister of Japan is Sungchan's sister?
0:50 I cook for my pride! World renowned chef, Jungeun Kim
0:53 (Man talking) I will participate in the kimchi cooking competition.
0:56 (Woman talking) It is the game where you will get hurt.
0:58 (Man talking) I will not be defeated.
1:02 Kimchi war has begun!
1:05 (Man talking) I expect the best kimchi!
1:17 Best food moves, people!
1:24 Sik-gaek: Kimchi War
1:30Man 1: Who the heck are you eating my kimchi? Man 2: Oh, this is domestic cabbage. (Kind of a joke; there are a lot of inferior Chinese imports.)
End: The best food show begins, one more time!

—Paula Forbes

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  1. This film opened the LA Korean Film Festival (KOFFLA) on March 4th, but the tickets were $20. I'd rather eat soon doo bu with kimchi for $20, so we didn't attend.

  2. And I am the cook who makes the world better!

    We have heard this before..?

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