Adventures in Foreign McDonald's: Swiss Weeks Burgers


Still from commercial via McDonald's

Why can't McDonald's in America be as awesome as it is overseas? From teaming up with the Italian government to use local products for its McItaly burger, to a complete ban of beef and pork products from its menu in India, McDonald's is surprisingly sensitive when it comes to infiltrating and usurping the culinary identities of myriad cultures of the world. Plus some of the stuff they come up with in the process sounds like I want it in my mouth.

So it's no surprise to hear that McDonald's has created the "Swiss Weeks" campaign in Switzerland, a country that incorporates three different cultures — Italian, French and German. Not only is McDonald's creating a different burger for each of the three different cultural regions — the McBärn, McRomandie and McTicino — but it's also producing commercials for each burger in the language of its region (all three commercials can be seen here). Each burger utilizes local brands and ingredients exclusive to the region, such as Emmi Kaltbach-brand Emmentaler cheese and a hashbrown patty for its German-inflected McBärn burger, pictured above.

Rachael Oehring

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