Celery-Wielding Nudes Now Environmentally Friendly


Perhaps you have heard of Art Frahm, a cult favorite pin-up painter from the 1950s? Frahm famously painted young women holding grocery bags with celery sticking out of the top, looking shocked with their underwear around their ankles. (It is as weird as it sounds, and totally worth checking out if you haven't [NSFW].)

Well, there is good news, friends: Frahm's celery ladies can now move into the 21st century with these reusable, sustainable bags designed specifically for holding long, fragile items like the aforementioned celery, or baguettes. Now, if only underwear technology could advance in a similar matter, Art Frahm girls wouldn't have anything to worry about.

[via Cool Hunting]

—Paula Forbes

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  1. Hihi

    Is it my dyslexia, or does that really say "Enivornmentally?" 'Cause it's really messing with me, and I'm not sure...

  2. Jay

    I'm guessing you "fixed" it... and now it's "Enivronmentally"

    Protip: it should be spelled "Environmentally" as often as possible.

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