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April Fool's Day is a divisive topic: people either love it or they hate it, probably because either way it's pretty much unavoidable. Since we here at EMD lean a bit towards the latter, we decided not to pull your leg this year. Instead we rounded up all the food media pranks we could find, and ranked them in order of their groaner-factors.

In-n-Out Burger Comes to New York

The Prank: The cult West Coast Burger Chain posted signs around New York that claimed In-n-Out was coming soon.
The Players: Eater knew it was a prank from the beginning, Grub Street wasn't sure, and NBC's Feast bought it. Update: Eater says College Humor was behind it.
The Tip-Off: Eater called the real estate agent at one of the properties; Grub Street called the I-n-Out offices.
Groaner Factor: 1/10. Mostly just sad for New Yorkers.

The Green River Brewery

The Prank: Nick of Machessmo tried to convince readers that he was opening a microbrewery and restaurant with his hometown pals in Denver, Colorado.
The Players: Nick, his hometown pals.
The Tip-Off: A food blogger would never admit "So far I’m basing a lot of my restaurant kitchen knowledge off of the hit TV show Kitchen Nightmares. In other words, I know what not to do." Also, when you click through to read his menu, there's an April Fool's reveal page.
Groaner Factor: 2/10. Again, sort of in the In-n-Out category; who wouldn't love to read the blog of someone realizing the fantasy of owning a restaurant? Worked for Molly Wizenberg.

Alinea On The Road Food Truck

The Prank: Carol Blymire rolled out a plan for an Alinea-themed food truck.
The Players: Carol Bymire, Grant Achatz (indirectly).
The Tip-Off: Blymire's status as a super prankster (see last year's prank) had us looking forward to what she'd come up with this year.
Groaner Factor: 3/10, for the foodie meme of food trucks.

Food52's Warthog Recipe Contest

The Prank: Food52 holds a "Special Midweek Contest" for warthog recipes.
The Players: Food52, ideally people submitting recipes. (Please tell us someone submitted a recipe!)
The Tip-Off: We actually saw this one after the reveal. Sorry.
Groaner Factor: 3/10.

The Daily Feast

The Prank: The Daily Beast releases a mock-up of a new site called The Daily Feast. Feadlines include "Gourmand: Gourmet Reborn" and "Super Natural - The Pasta Whisperer."
The Players: Tina Brown, The Daily Beast.
The Tip-Off: The word "parody" is in the URL.
Groaner Factor: 6/10. The jokes aren't funny enough to warrant a lower rating, but they're also not really groan-worthy. They're just sort of there.

Some Changes at Slice

The Prank: Adam Kuban tries to get us to believe that the Neapolitan Tourism Board is now underwriting Slice, and thus all posts will only cover Neapolitan-style pizza in addition to being written in Italian. Kuban recommends Google Translator, though, so it's ok.
The Players: Slice.
The Tip-Off: Duh.
Groaner Factor: 6/10. Was 8/10, but I took 2 points off when I saw that they are actually posting in Italian.

The Hungry Hipster

The Prank: Hedonia tries to convince us hipsters will be taking over San Francisco's food trucks as part of an "underground pop-up restaurant."
The Players:, hipsters.
The Tip-Off: Hipsters would never participate in something that actually referred to them as "hipsters."
Groaner Factor: 7/10 for quantity of food buzz-words squeezed into one blog post.

Chow's Fake Posts

The Prank: Chow posted a bunch of Onion-esque pieces; tried to convince us they were real. Headlines include "Social Conservatives Target Extreme Ice-Cream Flavors," "Michelin Fires Inspectors, Moves to User-Generated Content," and "Stay-at-Home Mom Arrested for Using Bouillon Cube."
The Players:
The Tip-Off: The cheesiness of each post.
Groaner Factor: 8/10.

We'll update this if more pranks pop up.

—Paula Forbes

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  1. How about Unbreaded being bought out by Kraft Foods and rebranding as "Untossed"...

    Hope they at least got a few ad dollars for the Kraft foods shoutout & such!

  2. Good one here in Cleveland... Iron Chef Michael Symon to open a Vegetarian sister store to his current B-Spot, called V-Spot. Had me at hello...

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