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Photograph: DesignMarketo

FoodMarketo, a joint venture between online design store DesignMarketo and Apartamento Magazine, is a pop-up design store/cooking workshop that will take place during Milan Design Week, April 14-19.

Aside from jam and bread-baking workshops that are free and open to the public, the pop-up store will also contain products commissioned to more than 30 international designers and an interior designed by Max Lamb and Lars Frideen. We talked to Marco Velardi of Apartamento about the genesis of the store, and how the designers mix food and design, below.

How did the idea for FoodMarketo come about?
FoodMarketo came about quite organically by the common vision Apartamento and DesignMarketo share. We met last September during London Design Week and we knew we had to work together right away. FoodMarketo is the first, and surely won't be the last, result of this shared vision.

Why did you choose to hold the store in Milan?
As every year Apartamento was going to launch the new issue in April and since DesignMarketo was ready for an international project, we thought that Milan Design Week was the best platform to do this and of course to bring to life an exciting project such as FoodMarketo.

Why did you decide to mix young designers with food? What is it about design and cooking that go so well together?
Well, we love to cook, we love design and many of our friends happen to be young designers too, so why not do a shop inspired by vegetables and fruits and throw in some cooking workshops?

What is your favorite product in the pop-up store?
All of them! We are very proud of all the designers involved in FoodMarketo! Now it's your turn to pick one and take it home to use it everyday!

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  1. ann marie

    thats an interview?

    they said virtually nothing of any value. doesnt even make me want to go see what the products are. FAIL.

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