How To Cook Everything By Jennifer L. Knox [What?]

How To Cook

Photograph via The Hypothetical Library

What kind of wedding present do you get for the couple who has everything (or whose wedding you forgot about)? You can do what poet Jennifer L. Knox did and give them a copy of Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything (buy it) with Bittman's name scratched out and your own name written in with a sharpie. And if you're as awesome as Knox, you could also glue in a new introduction telling an inspirational, heartwarming story, which features throwing acid in bears' faces, Partridge Family tattoos and nude bowling on acid.

See the rest of Knox's handiwork (including the introduction) after the jump:


Photograph via The Hypothetical Library

Spine + Inside

Photograph via The Hypothetical Library

Intro 1

Photograph via The Hypothetical Library

Intro 2

Photograph via The Hypothetical Library

Rachael Oehring

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  1. c

    that story was crazy awesome!

  2. Sheherazade

    I laughed, I cried, I considered adding to my Hogan's Heroes tat sleeve. But most of all, I will never again look at a book's forward without thinking about staking a claim.

  3. Moira

    I'm thinking that the happy couple is probably happier that she missed the wedding. With that toast, she would have been the highlight of the wedding video. Forever.

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