'Jerky George Jolicoeur' by Lauri Apple [food art]

beef+jerky-resize Chicago artist Lauri Apple, who has graced this site with her bizarre food art before, has given us another odd drawing. This time her subject is George Jolicur, a 600-pound Florida man who was deemed too fat to be put in jail. Jolicur was arrested after a local shop keeper discovered he was stealing milkshakes and beef jerky by eating most of the items in question and then trying to return them.

Apple was most taken with Jolicur's assertion that it was, "the beef jerky that got [him]." It's always the beef jerky, George. Hit the jump for the full-sized version of the drawing.



Lauri Apple, "Jerky George Jolicoeur"

Rachael Oehring

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  1. Jonathan B. Horen

    "But it was the beef jerky that got him."

    "Oh, no... it wasn't the beef jerky; 'twas Beauty, killed the beast."

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