Kitchen of the Future, 2010 [videos]


Still via Yanko Design

This Kitchen of the Future that designer Michaël Harboun envisions is definitely way cooler than that spinning refrigerator imagined by designers in the 1950s. Harboun has created a design for a kitchen with elastic walls that can turn into whatever you need in order to cook a dish, from a faucet to a stove to a colander.

The best part about this imagining is that it's founded on real technology: Claytronics, which is currently being researched at Carnegie Mellon University, is based on millions of tiny nanorobots that act as a giant, moving mass to create different shapes. Yeah, way cooler than a see-through oven. Video below.

Michaël Harboun's Kitchen of the Future

Rachael Oehring

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  1. So there will be a wall penis that spits out vitamins? I don't know, the future seems scary.

  2. tournant

    Nope. Not even in George Jetsons's wet dreams.

  3. I think it is important to the kitchen design and the design will affect people's mood who are doing cooking in kitchen.

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