Linksplodge 4/8/10


  • Above, a miniature, polymer clay cake made by flickr user sk_ from URLesque's round-up of miniature food.
  • Design student Andrew Kim has proposed a new, square bottle for Coke products that is supposedly better for the environment. The shape reduces wasted space during shipping, and the bottle itself is collapsible and biodegradable. [via Inhabitat]
  • Epicurean Musician is a cool new blog that interviews musicians like Ryan Miller from Guster and Chuck Leavell, the keyboardist for The Rolling Stones.
  • Street art group TrustoCorp has been planting their fake products in New York stores, including Bankos Cereal and "Nose Job in a Can," which comes with the helpful instructions: Step 1. Grab Can. Step 2. Smash Face. [via NotCot]
  • A collection of videos from Hot Food Porn's trip to Japan that are completely mesmerizing, including a machine that makes crispy pancakes and all manner of things being grilled.

—Paula Forbes



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  1. Gregg

    Check again; I believe the square Coke bottle is only a concept created as class work by a design student.

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