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Taste the Rainbow (Cake)

What cake could be awesome enough for Martha Stewart to deem it "amazing"? This 28-layer cake by Virginia Hammon, made for her son Darius Monsef of COLOURLovers. Righteous.
—Paula Forbes

Top Of The Food Chain: Tenderloin

Illustration by Laura Williams
Welcome to Top Of The Food Chain, a column from Eat Me Daily's meatiest columnist, Ryan Adams. Every week we'll attempt to demystify the options available in your supermarket, breaking animals down piece by piece so that the next time you find yourself staring at endless Styrofoam containers, you'll be able to [...]

Celery-Wielding Nudes Now Environmentally Friendly

Perhaps you have heard of Art Frahm, a cult favorite pin-up painter from the 1950s? Frahm famously painted young women holding grocery bags with celery sticking out of the top, looking shocked with their underwear around their ankles. (It is as weird as it sounds, and totally worth checking out if you haven't [NSFW].)
Well, [...]

Japanese Breed Eels in Captivity

Photograph: jrmyst
And now, for your daily update on Japanese Food of the Future: scientists in Yokohama have successfully bred the second-ever generation of fully cultivated eels. Bred from eels that were themselves bred in captivity, this provides hope that future generations of eels will be able to be cultivated, and lessen the strain on natural [...]

Cookbook for Expectant Mothers Recalled

A cookbook for pregnant women, The Happy Baby Cookbook from Australian Women's Weekly, is being recalled in New Zealand and Australia due to concerns over its nutritional recommendations. The New Zealand Food Safety Authority takes issue with certain recipes in the book that contain ingredients that "food safety officials believe could harm a woman or [...]

FoodMarketo: Design and Food [food art]

Photograph: DesignMarketo
FoodMarketo, a joint venture between online design store DesignMarketo and Apartamento Magazine, is a pop-up design store/cooking workshop that will take place during Milan Design Week, April 14-19.
Aside from jam and bread-baking workshops that are free and open to the public, the pop-up store will also contain products commissioned to more than 30 [...]

Linksplodge 4/8/10

Above, a miniature, polymer clay cake made by flickr user sk_ from URLesque's round-up of miniature food.
Design student Andrew Kim has proposed a new, square bottle for Coke products that is supposedly better for the environment. The shape reduces wasted space during shipping, and the bottle itself is collapsible and biodegradable. [via Inhabitat]
Epicurean Musician is [...]

Eat Like A Man, But Don't Get Fat

Photograph: Melissa Maples
On the heels of Esquire's meat and chili-filled "Eat Like a Man" section comes this story by Zach Weisberg about how obese people face job discrimination, and how some companies are offering incentives for employees to slim down.
Practicing outright fat discrimination is deplorable no matter who you are, but this can be [...]

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