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Linksplodge 4/1/10

This set of 7 felt macarons (pictured above) by Etsy seller LittleFluffStuff will set you back $30.
"Breakfast...WITH PHYSICS!" on Toothpaste for Dinner.
Attack of the generic peeps!
An Icelandic chef cooks a gourmet meal using lava as a heat source. That's some extreme cooking, right there. [via ColdMud]
Sick of words like "unctuous" and "artisinal"? Playing food review [...]

The Beta Cup Challenge to Create Recyclable Coffee Cups

Photograph: Brittany Hardin
It can be a challenge to lug around reusable coffee cups, not to mention clean them and keep track of them. Thus, for many, our morning cup of coffee comes out of a paper cup. After the last lukewarm drops, the cup is tossed into the garbage without so much as a second [...]

Artists Design Table Linens at Flat Design

Photograph: Paolo Riolzi / Flat Design
In another addition to the cool-yet-mostly-unusable-designer-product file, Flat Design brings us a line of table linens with embroidered designs from international artists and designers such as Karim Rashid and Martin Saemmer. The designs range from geometric and futuristic to sweet and quirky, and the line includes napkins, tea towels and [...]

Food World April Fool's Day Jokes

Photograph: thornj
April Fool's Day is a divisive topic: people either love it or they hate it, probably because either way it's pretty much unavoidable. Since we here at EMD lean a bit towards the latter, we decided not to pull your leg this year. Instead we rounded up all the food media pranks we could [...]

Taste Test: Umami Paste vs MSG

Photographs: Rachael Oehring / Eat Me Daily
Laura Santtini's Easy Tasty Magic is a line of food goodies designed to enhance all different kinds of dishes. The most interesting product in this line is called Taste No. 5 Umami Paste, a concoction which enhances the umami flavor in any (savory) dish. Though it's only available for [...]

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