Parenting Advice from SFGate [beer reviews]


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Out west, they start 'em young: SFGate's parenting blog The Poop somewhat oddly, somewhat awesomely has a review of the new 7-Eleven beer, Game Day. Oh, goody, what words of wisdom does SFGate have for Bay Area parents to bestow upon the drinkers of tomorrow?

  • "It was once strongly suggested by my bosses not to drink and update our Twitter/Facebook accounts."
  • "I felt weird paying with a five dollar bill. Next time I buy Game Day beer I'm definitely dropping a handful of nickels, dimes and pennies, a crumpled up dollar and a subway token on the counter."
  • "In short, Game Day is a great beer to drink if you're going to drink more than 11."
  • "Would I have bought this when I was 21 years old and just sold a few compact discs and a pint of my blood so I would have money to get drunk on the weekend? Sure."

SFGate: looking out for America's youth.

—Paula Forbes

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