ReadyMade's 2010 Food Section ADHD Edition

RM46-Cover-210x276Craft/DIY magazine, ReadyMade, has finally come out with its first-ever special food section. And — surprise! — it is chock full of ridiculous project-recipes, such as cultivating your own honey and fermenting your own apple cider vinegar for honey-vinegar braised chicken, or foraging for wild greens for a salad.

ReadyMade is its own kind of aspiration-porn — like Vogue, except sustainable — and while most of us know we're never going to get around to screen-printing our own wedding invitations on vintage envelopes we found at the thrift store, it's nice to know we could if we wanted to. Although we do kind of want to make our own goat cheese now. Below, crafty hipsters make us feel bad about our pantries.

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  1. Moira

    I love these ADHD editions.

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