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Last week, EMD's Soleil Ho examined the vegetarian horror-fantasy train wreck that is Troll 2 in her column Zoom and Pan. While we're not entirely sure we want to recommend watching Troll 2 — often referred to as the worst movie ever made — this documentary seems to be a safe bet. Best Worst Movie is based on the making of the film, what happened to its cast and crew after its release (the guy who played the dad is now a small town dentist!), and the long and arduous path to cult film obsession. The film is currently touring the country, check their website for screenings near you. The trailer is below.


Trailer for Best Worst Movie

—Paula Forbes

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  1. I saw this movie & sat for a Q&A with the producer & a few cast members in Austin last weekend -- one of the most hilarious and heart-warming documentaries I've ever seen! You guys need to post a clip of the popcorn sex scene!

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