Weekend Update on Girl Scout Cookies [videos]


During Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, writer John Mulaney made the case for Girl Scout Cookies being sold year-round. "It would be like if they only sold Coca Cola in July and you could only buy it from the Knights of Columbus... You are much more than a once a year type of thing. You are not candy canes and you are most certainly not the McRib." But while truer words have never been spoken, you can't always trust the fake news. In Seth Meyers introduction he announced the Girl Scouts are in the middle of their annual cookie drive, yet as a quick check of the Girl Scout cookie site proves, you're as likely now to find a box of Thin Mints as you are a Shamrock Shake. Video below.


John Mulaney's Weekend Update on Girl Scout Cookies

Adam Robb

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  1. Jonah

    Cookies def still on sale. Girl Scouts have a booth (at least on weekends) at Roosevelt Field Mall for instant cookie satisfaction.

  2. Moira

    People buy these cookies in huge amounts because they are seasonal. If Thin Mints and Samoas become readily available, sales will drop.

    That being said, cookie season is finished in Detroit.

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