Because Cookies That Don't Augment Reality Are Boring [the future is now]


Photograph: Mike Clare

Industrial Designer Mike Clare likes to scare old people with the neato space-age technology we have these days, so he created cookies that, when held up to a webcam, pop out with a crazy 3D shape. The cookies are modeled after black-and-white augmented reality markers that do stuff when you take a picture of them with your phone that marketers are hoping will make the kids go nuts and buy stuff. New technologies are clearly better in cookie form, but the real question is, do they taste any good? Click through for a video of the cookies in action, and get off my lawn with your future food.

Cookies of the Future

Rachael Oehring

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  1. Kat

    As awesome as this is, who in their right mind is going to take pictures/video of their cookies before scarfing them down? I know I wouldn't.

  2. Dan

    Wow, really? It's not as if they create anything clever when held up to a webcam. What a waste of time and technology. Well, the webcam has been put to worse use... (see:chat roulette)

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