Celery Makes Men Sexy [science!]


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Here's some dubious medical news sure to make dudes smell even more annoying than Axe-executives could ever dream of: doctors have determined that eating celery increases a man's attractiveness to women. Apparently all a dude needs to do to get models all over him is to eat a few sticks of celery before going out, and bam! The ladies won't be able to get enough. According to the authors of the book Stay Young: Ten Proven Steps to Ultimate Health, celery contains a steroid that's found in male sweat (also completely irresistible to ladies) that increases the secretion of pheromones and makes men who eat it more attractive. Celery also increases, uh, another thing, but we like to keep it PG-13 at Eat Me Daily, so you'll have to hit the article to get the full story on that.

Dear boys, before you raid the produce aisle, take it from me: just don't look/smell like you're homeless, make an attempt to be interesting/funny/self-deprecating, know something, buy a drink or two and leave the damn celery at home. You'll be fine.

Rachael Oehring

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  1. there's no harm in trying the celery though. i actually love eating celery sticks :-)

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