Edible Purses for On-The-Go Snacking [ads]

Fruit-a Porter1

Photographs: I Believe In Advertising

Ladies, you like fashion, right? Well, has Italy's VitaSnella brand got the snack for you! Vitasnella, a subset of Dannon with a healthy-but-still-tasty vibe, has these ads for its Fruit Cracker line, which are apparently some sort of fruit-filled diet cracker thing. The Italian translates to, "The good of fruit, always with you" — get it? Like a purse! Which Fruit Crackers conveniently fit into! The product itself doesn't sound particularly appealing; frankly, they sound like an Italian version of Special K's terrible diet Pop-Tart rip-offs, Fruit Crisps. I'll just take the Pop Tart and the bag made out of raspberries, thanks.

Fruit-a porter 2

[via I Believe in Advertising]

Rachael Oehring

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  1. Paula King

    I disagree about the fruit crisps. I think the strawberry ones are pretty good. And this is coming from a fat chick. I'll have ONE packet with coffee for breakfast & am happy.

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