Embroidered Wonder Bread [food art]


Image: Catherine McEver

Artist Catherine McEver uses an unexpected medium for her embroidery projects: Wonder Bread. Working "very, very carefully," she stitches the colorful floss into scenes from nature (chicken, fish, flowers), and an homage to Van Gogh's "Starry Night." If you're thinking these pieces are some sort of commentary on temporality, think again: says McEver, "I have a couple of slices that are over four years old that look just like new." Gives new meaning to "wonder," huh? Additional pictures below.

Catherine McEver's Embroidered Wonder Bread


Image: Catherine McEver


Image: Catherine McEver


Image: Catherine McEver


Image: Catherine McEver

[via Neatorama]

—Paula Forbes

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  1. love_food

    What a small world! Cathy is truly a brilliant artist.

  2. Patience, patience, patience. These are gorgeous!

  3. umm...art?

    The only thing notable about these is the gimmick of being done on a piece of bread. Other than that the embroidery isn't extraordinary, nor are the designs very interesting or well executed.

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