Filioppo Ioco's Fun Foods at the World Erotic Art Museum [food art]


Filioppo Ioco, "Butter Top"

An edible art exhibit? Sounds great. An edible art exhibit at the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami? Even better. Renowned body painter, Filioppo Ioco's fine art exhibit Fun Foods (warning: Flash site) focuses on the body as a delicacy. The exhibit features photos depicting nude models rolled into tasty treats and painted accordingly. Images of people hidden in oozing piles of pancakes, banana splits and s'mores has us worried about the vegans out there for a minute, but don't sweat; there are one or two sexy carrots included in the set. While some are tongue in cheek (for example, the penis-shaped bomb pop), many of them challenge you to find the model in amongst the food. Photographs from the exhibit below the jump (do we even need to tell you NSFW?).


Filioppo Ioco, "Mint Chocolate Chip Delight"


Filioppo Ioco, "The Million Dollar Burger"


Filioppo Ioco, "Bomb Pop"


Filioppo Ioco, "Tropical Splash"

[via Feast Miami]

—Ann Marie Awad

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