Meara O'Reilly's Vibration Salt Art [video]

Salt Pattern 1

Photograph via today and tomorrow

Reason 5,672 why salt shouldn't be banned: artist Meara O'Reilly uses it to create this series of beautiful patterns. O'Reilly sings different tones into a mic which is hooked up to a Chladni plate — a plate used to illustrate two-dimensional vibrations — that's covered in salt. The salt then sort of bounces into the patterns seen above. Hit the jump for more pictures of the salt patterns, and a fascinating video of how they're formed. You might want to watch the video on mute, though; the shrieking tones required to make the neat patterns get a little repetitive.

How To Annoy Your Neighbors

Salt Pattern 2

Photograph via today and tomorrow

Salt Pattern 3

Photograph via today and tomorrow

[via today and tomorrow]

Rachael Oehring

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