Queen Given World's Largest Cheesehead

cheesecrownHow can you make cheddar cheese more British than it already is? How about carving 1000 pounds of it into a crown and giving it to the Queen on the 48th anniversary of her coronation? British "cheese wedding cake expert" Tanys Pullin is awaiting verification that her cheese crown holds the new Guinness World Record for biggest cheese sculpture, although by her calculations she beats the previous record holder by about 450 pounds. The sculpture, which is made from Farmhouse Cheddar and took 90 hours to shape, will be unveiled today at the Royal Bath and West Show. No word on whether it will be accompanied by a giant throne made of crackers. Additional pictures below. [Photograph: Apex]


A Tasty Treat to Set Before the Queen


Photograph: Apex


Photograph: Apex

—Paula Forbes

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  1. This is why I don't like world record setting food, it seems so unsanitary. I don't see masterpiece, I just see someone leaning on food.

  2. I absolutely love your sense of humor and wit! Thanks for the post. It is quite amazing that one can actually carve cheese. Of course, while I somewhat agree with the prior post I do see art in the carving. One has to admit that this worlds record is much better than one in which the winner must EAT the most food!

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