A Step Towards Raw Milk Sales in Wisconsin


Photograph: Wisconsin Historical Images

They don't call it the Dairy State for nothing: a State Assembly committee in Wisconsin approved a bill that would legalize the sale of raw (that is, unpasteurized) milk. While the bill still has to be approved by the entire Assembly, there's high pressure from the dairy lobby as well as consumer choice advocacy groups. The danger in selling raw milk is that it can easily become contaminated with bacteria, and Federal law prohibits its sale in the US, although there are certain routes for individual states to bypass regulations. Proponents of the bill argue that banning raw milk is akin to banning sushi: "It's about allowing adults to make decisions," says Assemblyman Chris Danou, the bill's sponsor. Raw milk is supposed to taste better and contain more nutrients than pasteurized milk, making it every lactose-loving foodie's wet dream.

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—Paula Forbes

Top Of The Food Chain: Flank Steak


Illustration by Laura Williams

Welcome to Top Of The Food Chain, a column from Eat Me Daily's meatiest columnist, Ryan Adams. Every week we'll attempt to demystify the options available in your supermarket, breaking animals down piece by piece so that the next time you find yourself staring at endless Styrofoam containers, you'll be able to make an informed purchase. This week: Flank Steak.

Every time I waltz through any supermarket, I stop by the meat section to check on the availability of two things:  interesting offal and flank steaks.  While my love for offal is a matter of record, it may not be known that a nicely cooked flank steak can make me cry tears of joy.  Big flavor and versatility make the flank steak one of my all time favorite beef cuts.

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Linksplodge 3/30/10


  • What do you get when you mix meat with vanity? No, not The Situation (close, though). You get Grill Charms! "Shut Up, Foodie," our new favorite blog, brings us these little metal gems (pictured above) that you can stick into your steak for identification of doneness/useless decoration.
  • Apparently a Wendy's in Waltham, MA makes the best chicken nuggets ever. That, or we have a Three Wolf Moon 2.0 situation on our hands. [via The Cod]
  • ZOMG. Butterbeer is real, y'all! MTV's Movie Blog samples the wares at the new Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios.
  • In yet another dumb criminal story, a Long Island couple is charged with stealing Jell-O pudding mix and replacing it with sand before returning the boxes to get a refund. Has Supermarket Sweep taught us nothing?? Take the big-ticket items first, like medicine and hams!
  • Wanna cook some bacon but all you have is a machine gun? The Internet has you covered. [via Eater]

Rachael Oehring

Döner Kebab Meat-Cutting Robot [video]


If you've spent any time in Germany (or much of central Europe), you're familiar with the ubiquitous Turkish döner kebab stand, with its signature column of meat eternally spinning in front of a vertical grill. This past weekend, at Berlin's first ever conference celebrating the street snack, Ahmet Kalyoncu unveiled his döner kebab slicing robot, a machine that will supposedly revolutionize the döner kebab market. The purpose of the machine is to allow döner stand employees to stand farther from the grill, thus getting less sweaty and improving the customer's experience. Additionally, Kalyoncu says the robot can cut meat at greater speeds "without ever getting bored." And late-night revelers across Germany rejoiced. Video below.

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Mad Scientists Develop Cheese Flavored Like Bubble Gum


Photograph: WorldWideWaCCo

This interview with Wisconsin cheese-maker Roger Krohn starts out innocently enough — there's some history of the plant, some discussion of the intricacies of making different types of cheeses — when, out of nowhere, Krohn tries to nonchalantly throw in a reference to bubble gum-flavored string cheese. Apparently being developed by the Center for Dairy Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this mysterious breed of cheese also comes in flavors like sour apple and blue raspberry. I think I'd rather eat Velveeta to get my calcium, thanks. [via Heavy Table]

Rachael Oehring

Food52 vs. Cook's Illustrated: Call to Arms

kimball-internetsRemember last October when Cook's Illustrated's Chris Kimball got his knickers in a twist about crowd-sourcing recipes and challenged recipe website Food52 to a duel? The contest is taking place next week, and as part of EMD's pledge of support to Food52, we're calling on our readers to help 'em out. Submit your best Roasted Pork Shoulder and Chewy Sugar Cookie recipes by midnight on Friday. Entries will be published on Slate sometime in May and opened up to a public vote. Let's show Kimball how the future works, shall we?

—Paula Forbes

EMD Co-Founding Editor Raphael Brion Now Editor at Eater National

eaterlogoToday is a bittersweet day here at Eat Me Daily, as our one-time fearless leader Raphael Brion has moved on to the greener pastures of Eater National, where he will preside as editor. Eat Me Daily would not be what it is today without his hard work, and we hope he does similarly fantastic things over at Eater. Congratulations on the new gig, Raphael!

—Paula Forbes

Dorie Greenspan Talks Lionel Poilâne on CBS Sunday Morning [video]


Photograph: mikeandanna

Yesterday, CBS Sunday Morning reflected on the life of Parisian baker Lionel Poilâne who passed away in 2002 and left his daughter Appolonia his eponymous Parisian boulangerie. Throughout the segment, Dorie Greenspan reminisces on Poilâne's single-handedness in the kitchen, what makes waiting for his cookies such a punishment, and the growth of the "manufactory" - a baking facility in Bièvres where the bakery's wood-burning ovens are replicated for mass production. Video below.

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