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Raising Questions: Raising Steaks by Betty Fussell [book review]

In her book Raising Steaks: The Life and Times of American Beef (buy at Amazon), Betty Fussell seeks to illustrate the fundamental contradiction of American beef. There are seemingly mutually exclusive qualities: on one hand, macho man cowboy individualism, and on the other, the intricate, monopolistic industrial machine that dominates the beef industry. From [...]

Helicopter Parents Wage Fraught Battle Against O-R-E-Os, Fun

Helicopter parents, the scourge of the education system, fellow public-transit commuters, and fun-loving citizens everywhere are now in the crosshairs of eating disorder specialists, according to a report in the New York Times.
In addition to little Dillinger and Gingerly’s increased risk of generalized anxiety, fear of failure, failure to thrive and stunted development, HP’s hysterical [...]

Jamie Oliver's Jamie at Home: The Good Life Well Within Reach [cookbook review]

Culinary subtlety is not Jamie Oliver’s strong suit. Leave frail wisps of flavor, prissy ingredients, and foam concoctions to Vongerichten and Achatz — Oliver believes growing, cooking and eating food should be a literally down-to-earth experience.
As he makes clear in Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life (Hyperion, buy from Amazon), [...]

Yobbos in Oz Move To Ban Vegemite

Ripping a page out of Mike Bloomberg's how-to-build-a-nanny-state playbook, a preventative health task force in Australia is reportedly taking aim at the nation's bonzer brekkie spread, the salty, savory, pungent brown paste known as Vegemite (comprised almost exclusively of yeast extract and salt, yum!)
Though Vegemite is owned by U.S.-based Kraft, it's considered one of Australian's [...]

Quelle Horror! Paul Bocuse's New McMenu

The "pope" of French cuisine, Paul Bocuse, is skulking over to the dark side.
In an attempt to soothe flocks of lucre-hemorrhaging culinary devotees, Bocuse and other chefs accustomed to charging $450 a head are introducing fast food chains and snack bar counters to their suddenly less corpulent empires of restaurants.

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