Colgate Dental Floss Ads Riff on Class


Photograph: I Believe in Advertising

How clever: these ads for Colgate dental floss are a play on the aspirations of a lowly tongue, finger, and toothpick, and the fancy, fancy dreams they will never realize. No, they can only stand by in service positions as the good life (between the spaces in your teeth, I guess?) is enjoyed by the likes of corn, broccoli, leeks and, presumably, dental floss. Sociology majors could have a field day with this one. Additional images below.

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The EMD Guide to the 1950s: Commercials


Image via pattischlutz

In the 1950s, television was just beginning to tighten its grip on the American consciousness. People tuned in to blockbuster television shows such as "I Love Lucy," "Dragnet" and "Lassie" in droves, and advertisers began to peddle their wares accordingly. Commercials for all kinds of food products hit the airwaves, from cereal and snack foods, to beer and cigarettes.

Though some ads were aimed at children, commercials targeted to (and meant only for) children had yet to come into their own; most commercials were aimed at the parents, with promises of high nutrition and good value (especially after all of the rationing that WWII brought). This emphasis on wholesome attributes was tempered with commercials that exuded a classy, aspirational air, especially for the more "adult" products, or when centered around more adult activities like going to the theater. Below, we've collected six of our favorite food commercials from the 50s.

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Big Deals: Adam Roberts of Amateur Gourmet

artisanAdam Roberts of the blog Amateur Gourmet just announced on his website that he's signed a book deal with Artisan. The book will not be a compilation of essays like his previous effort, but instead a big, fancy, real-deal cookbook. Although he's not dishing too much on the details, he does say "this book will take me all over the country, it'll involve various characters and personalities--some known, others unknown--and it'll reflect the spirit, the humor and the passion that drives this blog." No word on when it will come out. Dear Adam: you are officially no longer an amateur.

—Paula Forbes

Tutti 4-in-1 Measuring Spoon


Photograph via Yanko Design

The simplicity of this design for the Tutti measuring spoon/s, which has 4 different sizes on one individual spoon, is so stupidly obvious that I'm flummoxed as to why I've never seen it before. I say this as someone who considers the ring of measuring spoons one of the most irritating utensils in the kitchen; it's either all over your measuring tool drawer, making noise and getting caught on stuff, or you take it off, and are constantly wondering where the half teaspoon measure got off to. Don't even get me started on the whole "I only used one size but now I have to wash the whole damn ring" issue, and those sliding plastic measuring spoons are just a pain. In any case, thank you, Tutti, for making this culinary curmudgeon's morning.

—Paula Forbes

Wine, Spilled: Rosé


Photograph: spinnerin

Welcome to Wine, Spilled, a weekly column in which EMD's Justine Sterling shares the myths, legends, tall tales, and short stories of the wine world, and recommends a couple bottles that won't break the bank. Today's wine: Rosé.

Spring has sprung, young love is blossoming like the pollen allergies that afflict so many of us and rosé, a wine callously tossed aside during the colder months, has been unearthed from cellars across the country. Like a fuzzy pink bear emerging from its winter slumber, rosés are cropping up hungry and plentiful. But how does this affect you? You don't drink rosé. That stuff is sweet. It's low quality. It's pink, for gosh sakes. Right? Wrong.

Let's say you're on your way to a barbecue and you decide to drop by your local wine store because you know that, while your friends like you and appreciate your presence, they’ll appreciate it if you have booze in hand. You enter the store and are struck by the glowing wall of pink bottles that looms before you like a rosy monolith.

Pink, you think, I can’t buy that. My friends will think less of me, think I’m a sissy. Well, you’re wrong. To quote a recent marketing campaign from a rosé producer, “Yes, you can drink rosé and still be a bad ass.” But misconceptions abound, and when you bring your blushing bottle of dry, berry-tinged wine to the cookout you can explain to them all why: blame it on the Trincheros and their White Zinfandel.

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Filioppo Ioco's Fun Foods at the World Erotic Art Museum [food art]


Filioppo Ioco, "Butter Top"

An edible art exhibit? Sounds great. An edible art exhibit at the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami? Even better. Renowned body painter, Filioppo Ioco's fine art exhibit Fun Foods (warning: Flash site) focuses on the body as a delicacy. The exhibit features photos depicting nude models rolled into tasty treats and painted accordingly. Images of people hidden in oozing piles of pancakes, banana splits and s'mores has us worried about the vegans out there for a minute, but don't sweat; there are one or two sexy carrots included in the set. While some are tongue in cheek (for example, the penis-shaped bomb pop), many of them challenge you to find the model in amongst the food. Photographs from the exhibit below the jump (do we even need to tell you NSFW?).

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Zoom and Pan: Trapped in the Closet

Welcome to Zoom and Pan, Eat Me Daily's food n' film column. Each week, Soleil Ho of Heavy Table will tear apart a food-centric movie scene and, with luck, decipher the meaning behind all the food porn. This week: Trapped in the Closet

If you haven't heard of R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet (buy it) series by now, please stop reading this article and remedy that fact right this instant. (North Koreans get a free pass, for now.) The hip-hopera series debuted in 2005 with five tracks at the end of TP.3 Reloaded (buy it), Kelly's seventh full-length album. Once Trapped in the Closet was paired with visuals, Kelly's oddball cultural phenomenon went critical.

There are currently 22 finished chapters of the "Trapped in the Closet" epic, with 15 more rumored to be on the way. Though numerous, they feature a singular beat and a repetitive melody, with the only variation being the lyrics. Kelly narrates a violent and sexy series of events centering on an ensemble cast of criminals, cheats, and liars. Straddling chapters 9 and 10 of "Trapped in the Closet," this week's scene of import involves a well-endowed little person, a homemade cherry pie, and the havoc they unleash in one couple's household. Hang in there, because this might get complicated.

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Edible Purses for On-The-Go Snacking [ads]

Fruit-a Porter1

Photographs: I Believe In Advertising

Ladies, you like fashion, right? Well, has Italy's VitaSnella brand got the snack for you! Vitasnella, a subset of Dannon with a healthy-but-still-tasty vibe, has these ads for its Fruit Cracker line, which are apparently some sort of fruit-filled diet cracker thing. The Italian translates to, "The good of fruit, always with you" — get it? Like a purse! Which Fruit Crackers conveniently fit into! The product itself doesn't sound particularly appealing; frankly, they sound like an Italian version of Special K's terrible diet Pop-Tart rip-offs, Fruit Crisps. I'll just take the Pop Tart and the bag made out of raspberries, thanks.

Fruit-a porter 2

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