High Style at the Brooklyn Museum, Part 2 [food art]


Photograph: Adam Robb / Eat Me Daily

Eight works of modern art served as Jennifer Rubell's inspiration for the meal at last night's Brooklyn Ball. Following the food artist's Futurism-inspired Performa 09 dinner, this time she provided guests with everything from a Champagne tinkling take on Dadaism to a crushing self-portrait of a pop art icon. Abstract expressionism, minimalism, post modern and performance art were all made palatable in an interactive meal that transformed galleries to banquet halls and diners to players as guests indulged in nearly every genre of 20th Century art. (Warning: Image heavy post.)

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Kitchen of the Future, 2010 [videos]


Still via Yanko Design

This Kitchen of the Future that designer Michaël Harboun envisions is definitely way cooler than that spinning refrigerator imagined by designers in the 1950s. Harboun has created a design for a kitchen with elastic walls that can turn into whatever you need in order to cook a dish, from a faucet to a stove to a colander.

The best part about this imagining is that it's founded on real technology: Claytronics, which is currently being researched at Carnegie Mellon University, is based on millions of tiny nanorobots that act as a giant, moving mass to create different shapes. Yeah, way cooler than a see-through oven. Video below.

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Wine, Spilled: Carménère


Photograph: 2create

Welcome to Wine, Spilled, a new weekly column in which EMD's Justine Sterling shares the myths, legends, tall tales, and short stories of the wine world, and recommends a couple bottles that won't break the bank. Today's wine: Carménère.

Say you’ve been invited to a dinner party. Being the polite, caring person that you are you asked, “What can I bring?” “Oh, nothing,” replies your host. “Just your sparkling personality.” While you do indeed have a sparkling and engaging personality, you know that’s not going to be enough. You need to bring a bottle of wine. But you’re not about to bring over a Chateau-Neuf-du-Pape or some cult California Pinot Noir (we'll get to those later). You’re going to bring something reasonable but also tasty. Suggestion? Why, thank you for asking. May I recommend a Carménère?

Medium-bodied and round with dark berry fruit and a tiny kick of spice on the end, Carménère is a great value wine. It’s not hard to find a quality bottle for under $15, but that’s not what you want to tell your hosts when you plonk down the bottle. If you can’t impress them with a label or a year, then impress them with a story.

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High Style at the Brooklyn Museum, Part 1 [food art]


The Andy Warhol Pinata before his beating. Photograph: Adam Robb / Eat Me Daily

Last night at the Brooklyn Museum the worlds of art, food and fashion united to celebrate High Style with a dinner curated by Jennifer Rubell, whose food-art installations have redefined benefit dinners. Below, we dish on who was there, what they did, and most importantly, what they ate.

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The EMD Guide to Food from the 1950s: Timeline


Photograph: pincusvt

Food is usually categorized geographically, or culturally; cuisines are associated with nations or peoples. Here at Eat Me Daily we are dedicated to bringing you new and interesting ways of looking at what you eat, and thus we present our chronological guide to American gastronomy. Over the next several months, we'll look at the foods that rocked America, decade by decade. Up first: the 1950s

The 1950s were a busy time for American cuisine. We've created a timeline of important events in the 50s to help put in perspective the amazing people, places and businesses that rose to prominence later in the century. These events not only affected the cuisine and culture of the decade itself, but also affected the cuisine in the decades that followed. We hope to expand this timeline as we learn more about this decade (hopefully with your help!), but a decent start is below the jump.

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Evo Morales: Genetically Modified Foods Cause Homosexuality, Baldness


Photo: AP

Speaking at the World People's Conference on Climate Change in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Bolivian president Evo Morales declared his position on genetically modified foods; that is, that he believes they cause baldness and homosexuality in men. Though his announcement that "the chicken we eat is loaded with female hormones. So, when men eat it, they tend to deviate from their manhood" was met with laughter, it's unclear whether he was aiming for humor. President Morales also informed the crowd that half of Europe is bald due to dependence on hormone-laced food, and that in 50 years, half the world will be bald. While we knew it was ethically questionable, whoda thunk bioengineering was responsible a worldwide hair-loss conspiracy? [via @LisaAbend]

—Paula Forbes

Trailer for Best Worst Movie [video]


Image: Sound on Sight

Last week, EMD's Soleil Ho examined the vegetarian horror-fantasy train wreck that is Troll 2 in her column Zoom and Pan. While we're not entirely sure we want to recommend watching Troll 2 — often referred to as the worst movie ever made — this documentary seems to be a safe bet. Best Worst Movie is based on the making of the film, what happened to its cast and crew after its release (the guy who played the dad is now a small town dentist!), and the long and arduous path to cult film obsession. The film is currently touring the country, check their website for screenings near you. The trailer is below.

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Top Of The Food Chain: Rump, Bottom Round

Bottom Round

Illustration by Laura Williams

Welcome to Top Of The Food Chain, a column from Eat Me Daily's meatiest columnist, Ryan Adams. Every week we'll attempt to demystify the options available in your supermarket, breaking animals down piece by piece so that the next time you find yourself staring at endless Styrofoam containers, you'll be able to make an informed purchase. This week: Rump, Bottom Round.

I was very close to opening this week's TOTFC with a terrible "Baby Got Back" parody: "...you other foodies can't deny, and when a waiter walks up with itty-bitty plate and a swiss steak in your face..." I just couldn't go on after that. Apologies to Sir Mix-A-Lot notwithstanding, beef rump is an excellent cut worthy of songs on its own merits.

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