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Marketing Junk Food: Hey Kid, Eat This [videos]

Photograph: Ads of the World
The Washington, D.C.-based Center for Science in the Public Interest has analyzed 128 food and entertainment companies on how they market to children, and most came up way short. Though McDonald's only scored a C-, it did better than most companies in the study. Mars Inc. came out on top with [...]

Logorama Wins Oscar for Best Animated Short Film [video]

Logorama, an animated film that takes place in a Los Angeles composed entirely of corporate logos, was the big winner in the Best Animated Short Film category at last night's Academy Awards. Featuring a Quentin Tarantino-esque criminal plot, the film includes many food brands, including a Pringles man truck driver and an evil Ronald McDonald. [...]

Finagle a Bagel Webisodes

These webisodes by Mason Street Creative for Finagle a Bagel, the Boston-based bagel chain and frozen bagel manufacturer, feature the guys working in the bakery, and they're surprisingly very funny. Standouts include "Action Figures" and "Inner Thoughts," in which the guys have silent, psychic arguments with each other over who exactly invented the bagel.
And then [...]

Thanksgiving Camel Ad from 1936 Life Magazine: Smoke Between Courses to Aid Digestion

This ad for Camel cigarettes from the November 23, 1936 issue of Life Magazine takes a Thanksgiving theme, advising that "You enjoy food more and have a feeling of greater ease after eating when you smoke Camels between courses and after meals."
They quote Miss Dorothy Malone, a "food editor," who says "It's smart to have [...]

Colgate Ads Remind You to Brush After You Eat

Genius: These ads for Colgate by the advertising agency Y&R out of Bangkok,Thailand with the Colgate logo and the slogan "Don't Forget" and printed on ice cream bar sticks and lollipop sticks. Even cooler: the sticks themselves are shaped like toothbrushes.

Newspaper Dressed Up as Breakfast Burrito [advertising]

"Breakfast Burrito" is an ad that turned the Edmonton Sun into a McDonald's breakfast burrito — wrapper and all — with an “egg, sausage and cheese front page domination." By Cossette Toronto, which won the Best of Show award at the Canadian Newspaper Association’s 2009 Extra Awards. Couldn't tell if this was just a concept [...]

McDonald's French Fry Wi-Fi Ad

Titled "Wi-Fries," this ad for free Wi-Fi at McDonald's turns the french fries into the familiar logo of free internet access. At the same time, however, it sort of defies the conventional wisdom of crispy, golden fries, showing them as limp and malleable.

Creepy Chinese Food Safety Ads

View larger. Photo via
These food safety ads from the Beijing Women & Children's Development Foundation are nicely executed but super-creepy: Kids enjoying themselves in playgrounds built out of giant food, etc. But on closer inspection, the pizza slices are topped with shards of glass, the hamburger is a scorpion-burger, sushi is infested with bugs, [...]

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