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Ticket Giveaway: AIGA/NY's 'The Design of Food Presentation'

Photo: Mitch Feinberg

AIGA/NY's The Design of Food Presentation is coming up on Friday, November 20th, 2009, and it's high on our radar. Part of their second annual food-meets-design event, "Today’s Specials," which explores "the visuals behind our favorite victuals," the evening is hosted by erstwhile New York Times dining critic and man-about-town Frank Bruni, and [...]

AIGA's The Dinner Party: Food & Design by Dan Barber, AvroKo [events]

A tipster writes in with a report from last night's AIGA Dinner Party, "A Conversation on Food and Design," held at Cooper Union in Manhattan.
I was at the AIGA Dinner Party last night and it was really, seriously cool. A little disorganized, but in a good way -- everyone had so much to say, and [...]

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