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Alan Richman Takes Eric Ripert to Costco

In what he hopes is "the first installment of the next great cooking show," Alan Richman made the video "Avec Alan" over at GQ. Riffing on Avec Eric, Richman takes Eric Ripert to Costco, a place that "epitomizes what Westchester dining is all about." Ripert, of course, is "freaked out" and depressed: "In that store, [...]

Shut Up, Restaurant Girl

Landing Tina Fey for her book that will sell, generously, seven copies? Danyelle Freeman has completely dislocated herself from reality.
We couldn't come to a consensus as to whether or not she's fucking with us with the blatant misspelling on her Twitter bio: "You're guide too the perfect dish." That can't be real, right?
Update: We were [...]

Alan Richman Drops His Fork at Corton

He needs be more careful with his silverware:
When my fork dropped to the floor, I kept waiting for a waiter to notice and bring a new one. Never happened. Then I started eating appetizers with my knife, emulating Davy Crockett sitting beside a campfire, shaving slivers of bear off the bone with his Bowie knife [...]

'The Smoke Hangs Over the Room Like a Chandelier'

Alan Richman visits Char No. 4 in Brooklyn:
The place smells like a Vermont hunting lodge, or maybe a Texas BBQ joint. Otherwise, the ambience is pretty simple: Wood floor, marble table tops, not much else. As one of my guests brilliantly observed, “The smoke is really the décor. Otherwise, the place has no décor. The [...]

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