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Dubai Bans Cooking with Booze

Photograph by The Truth About
When one thinks of a ban on alcohol, an image of snazzy flappers in a tucked away speakeasy comes to mind, not an image of disenfranchised chefs. A new policy in Dubai states that no menu can offer a dish cooked with alcohol, not even hotel restaurants, which cater largely to [...]

Adult Mario: The Super Mario Bros. Emulator That Mixes Drinks Based on In-Game Performance

Alcohol, 8-bit Mario, and vibrators? Adult Mario is a cocktail robotics project for Roboexotica 2009 in Vienna by Nonpolynomial Labs that uses an emulated Super Mario Bros. NES game hooked up to a drink pouring mechanism. Kill an enemy, vodka pours in your cup. Get a coin, and coke gets poured. Whenever you die, the [...]

Alie & Georgia Present: The Bloody Bacon & Cheese

The Bloody Bacon & Cheese is the latest concoction from Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark, the creators of the McNuggetini. Bringing together the "comforts of condensed tomato soup with the warmth of hard alcohol," the recipe imbues tomato soup with horseradish, garlic salt, and black pepper, combined with a healthy dose of sun-dried tomato-infused vodka. [...]

The Ham Daiquiri, a 'Violent Storm of Pig Meat and Fruit'

As a followup to their now-infamous McNuggetini, Georgia Hardstark and Alie Ward released a new video featuring their latest concoction: the Ham Daiquiri, a drink that combines pineapple, pineapple soda, honey, Jamaican rum, liquid smoke, and honey ham. All blended together into what they call a "violent storm of pig meat and fruit." To no [...]

Coasters Detect Drinks Spiked With Date-Rape Drugs

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Well, this is depressing: enough people are putting date rape drugs into the drinks of unsuspecting women that an entire preventative industry had grown around the phenomenon. Drink Safe Texas is a company that produces coasters and test strips that will let you know if your drink has been spiked with either GHB or [...]

Scottish Brew Masters Stick It to the Man

From the "Oh, Snap" Department: the Scottish brewery BrewDog has created a 1.1% beer called "Nanny State" in response to an attempted ban on a controversial brew the company put out.
Earlier this year, British anti-alcohol groups protested the launch of Tokyo, and 18.2% ABV Imperial Stout flavored with jasmine and cranberries and billed as "the [...]

The Food Proclamations of Queen Elizabeth I

Left: Proclamations. 1576-12-14. London, 1576. via Right: The Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, attributed to George Gower, c.1588-89.
Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603) has been a leading lady throughout the ages. The daughter of divorce-happy Henry VIII has been written about at length; she has inspired movies, plays, and artwork; and her strict politics [...]

99 Problems and Whiskey Ain't One: 99 Drams of Whiskey by Kate Hopkins [review]

Kate Hopkins is a writer best known for her blog, Accidental Hedonist, which chronicles her interest in and consumption of all things food and drink. Out of this website came Hopkins's book, 99 Drams of Whiskey: The Accidental Hedonist's Quest for the Perfect Shot and the History of the Drink (buy on Amazon), not a [...]

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